Pioneer of Graffiti and Bboying Culture in Pakistan. Coach of Pakistan’s #1 Bboying Crew – Unknown Crew (UC).

From contemporary socio political slogans on a sticker to graffiti painted on the walls of Karachi to personalized wearable art. Sanki Khan has kept himself on tippy-toes for the world to notice.

Profuse and Sanki had an interesting Sanki session… Here it is…

Profuse: Name
SK: Sanki King
Profuse: Profession
SK: Artist/performing artist
Profuse: Years of experience
SK: 6
Profuse: Expertise
SK: Graffiti, Bboying, Parkour. Pioneer of graffiti and bboying in Pakistan. Pioneer of custom graffiti apparel and footwear. First and the only Pakistani sneaker artist in the world.
Profuse: Tools of trade
SK: Pens, pencils, markers, spray paints, lots of masking tape, respirators, oil paints, acrylic paints.

Profuse: What got u started in this field
SK: I got introduced to hip hop when I was about 12/13, first it was rap then bboying and beatboxing then graffiti, one thing led to another.

Profuse: Your source(s) of inspiration
SK: People, books, everyday stuff, traveling
Profuse: Self taught or Art school freek “freak*”
SK: Self taught in everything
Profuse: Most notable project
SK: In November 2012, I got chosen as the judge for the Tetra Pak Graffiti Art Competition which was the biggest graffiti competition ever in Pakistan.

Profuse: What makes you – ‘YOU’
SK: Hardwork and listening to myself only. Pain

Profuse:  Things u cannot leave home without or must haves
SK: Any one of my phones

Profuse: You are a sucker for…?
SK: Vintage stuff and people with a sense of humor.

Profuse:  A tip you read or were told that you never go without
SK: It’s Possible!

Profuse:  Who is a (graphic designer) according to you
SK: An artist stuck with only a single medium.

Profuse:  if not (your profession) then what?
SK: Astronomy.
Profuse: That one great project that you have yet to work on… What would that be
SK: Work with Anish Kapoor
Profuse:  A hammer, a Paint brush, glue and canvas. Can art be born here???
SK: Yes.
Profuse:  One style of design that you least appreciate
SK: Polka dots and similar stuff.
Profuse:  Bigger, Better, Faster. What describes your way of working
SK: All three of these.
Profuse: If one design by nature that you could change. What would that be
SK: I don’t find myself qualified enough to change nature
Profuse: What’s your orgasmic moment when working on a project!?
SK: The starting and the result
Profuse:  Most over rated artist according to you
SK: All these so called Abstract and Mughal artists in Pakistan.
Profuse:  Most underrated artist according to you
SK: Abdul Hayee
Profuse:  Explain ‘WOW’ for you
SK: Originality
Profuse: Suggestion/praise/hate for profuse
SK: What profuse is doing will make big things happen. I see a lot of freedom for artists and designers in profuse

Profuse: Your contact detail/website/online portfolio etc…
Profuse:  What is the way of your working
SK: It just happens, there is no procedure. I need to get into the right mood to work. Often I don’t work for a week and create thongs mentally and then bring them out in different mediums later.
Profuse: Challenges/procedure in your work (Give Details) the biggest challenge is that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to SK: creating art and I can’t tolerate mistakes so I give myself a hard time usually.

Profuse: Your struggle in this industry
SK: A lot of unbelievable struggle. I initiated something in this country which people hadn’t even heard about and I pioneered graffiti all by myself and started with no money and contacts. I worked for gratis so many times, faced huge betrayals by close friends but kept moving forward.
Profuse:  Although there is not much scope in (your industry) in Pakistan, but you still went ahead with this, why and what drives your passion?
SK: Actually if something doesn’t have Scope in a country, that’s the place where it has the most scope because how can you expect any scope from something that was never there? That’s been my way of thinking since day 1. I wanted to bring change in the country, the youth and especially the art scene because it was all and is still too predictable. And I wanted to give something to the people especially youngsters that they will remember me for it forever. Hip hop and all its elements especially rap and graffiti have been misinterpreted a lot and I wanted to show and tell what its really about and I’ve been successful because I was true to the game true to myself and have been selfless in teaching and mentoring.
Profuse wishes you all the best for whatever creative you put  your hands into.